July 8, 2018

The Long Dark Noob Academy – #1 The most important tip ever!

Hello everyone,

If you don’t feel like reading at the moment, you can check the video version of this post next, although there are some differences in the way I present the topic 😉

I’m back at playing The Long Dark. I didn’t remember how much I like this game. Being off your favorite games for some time makes you realize how much you loved playing them!

Anyways, now that I’m back at this awesome survival simulator, The Long Dark, I realize how little I know about the game itself. It’s an awesome game, and even if I’ve played for around 120 hours so far, I don’t have much knowledge of it. And by this I mean, being able to survive more than 10 days in Interloper (the highest difficulty mode in the game).

I see a lot of other streamers and youtubers that are masters at this game, surviving for 100+ days easily on Interloper. That’s crazy good for my standards. I feel like a total noob in comparison!

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May 22, 2018

How to survive your first horde night – 7 Days To Die Tips & Tricks


Hello everyone, in this guide I want to go over a series of tips for new players of 7 Days To Die. I’m not an experienced player at all. I have played this game around 2 or 3 years ago, and the game was a little bit different at that time. I made a come back to the game, and after playing for the initial days I felt like a complete new player due to all the changes I noticed.

I think is good to get the advice from a new player too, as most of the time, when you get really good in a game, the advices might seem simple or easy for the guy making them, but usually they are difficult for new players. That’s why I’m starting these series of guides. The tips I will be mentioning are what worked for me in my Let’s Play (that you can also watch in my YouTube channel). That doesn’t mean is the only way, or the better way. If you are an experienced player and feel something can be done differently or better, please let me know 😉

Video Version 😉

Most of what I’m mentioning in this guide you can watch it here in video version:

Tips and Tasks for your first 7 Days

Complete all the quest first

When the game starts, it will show you some initial quests that serve as the starting tutorials. Your initial spawn area is protected, and you won’t be attacked by anything in it. So you are safe to stay around the area you spawned. I’m not sure exactly how big this is so don’t go to far!

Try to complete all the quest while in this area, even the construction of the 3 blocks and placing the campfire. You won’t be able to take those with you, but it doesn’t matter. Just complete your quests here. But you will be able to take your bedroll, so take that one. It will be used later on your first “safe house”.

The last quest that you will receive is traveling to a trader. And this is when you will move away from your starting area.

Travel to the trader

As I said, this will be your last quest. As you start your trip, you will be uncovering areas of the map. Do not get distracted too much along the way, as you need to reach the trader and find a place to stay before the night comes. You can mark any place of interest in your map if you want to come back to it later. As you walk / run to the trader, loot any bird nests and trash you see along the way, but keep in mind to go as quick as possible. Time will go fast.

When you reach the trader, part of the map will be now uncovered. Check it out and notice any roads or paths that you have uncovered.

The trader closes its doors at night and you will be kicked out, so don’t think you can stay there at night! Once you reach the trader is time to get moving. You can come back to the trader later. Now we need to find your first safe location!

Find your first Town or City

Now it’s time to decide where to go from the trader. There’s really no correct answer here, as the map will be randomly generated. Your best bet is to follow a road in any direction. Sooner or later you will hit a town or city.

Again, do not get distracted. Mark things on the map to come back later, but continue going. Your objective is to find the first city / town before it gets dark and zombies start running. The eventual looting of cars, trash and bird nests is ok. Also knock some trees down and pick some boulders on your way. You will need wood and rocks for some crafting during your first night!

Your first safe-house

Once you find your initial town or city, you will need to choose a safe house. Every town will have different type of houses. The best ones to choose as your first safe house are the 2 or 3 story high buildings. These have an accessible terrace on the top, that can be reached through a wooden ladder attached to the a wall on the last floor.

Beware as these buildings have sleepers on them. Enter them NOT through the doors, but through the windows, that are usually quicker to destroy. Try to kill the sleepers with arrows while sneaking to them. Clear any remaining zombies inside and head to the top.

When you find the ladder to the roof area, remove the first block by knocking it out with your stone axe. This will prevent the zombies from climbing through it. You will still be able to climb the ladder by jumping.

If you had luck, you will be on your first house by the end of the first day, when it starts to get dark. You should use the night time to stay safe in the roof area, crafting and organizing your inventory. You should now place your bedroll here. Also craft and place a campfire and some chests to store your loot and materials. Stay here crafting and checking out your stats and skill points at night. Day time will be to loot and collect resources.

Loot and preparations for your first horde night

Now is time to focus on the preparations for your horde night. You will need a place where you can withstand the incoming horde relatively safe. I recommend a very simple 5×5 “tower” made of cobblestone, with a surrounding  layer of spikes (2 rows if possible).

To construct this you will need to collect lots of wood, rocks and, if  possible iron. The iron you will get from picking the boulders and rocks at ground level, no mine is needed at this moment.

While spending your nights at the rooftop, check the materials needed for crafting a forge. This is an indispensable workstation. If you can craft this one during your first 7 days it would be great. You will need several leather pieces, that you can get by skinning animals or breaking down leather chairs or sofas in town. Scrapping leather clothes too.

You will need all that iron you get from picking boulders. Smelt the iron on your new forge, and start crafting the anvil. Once that is done you will have your forge ready to craft better tools and materials.

Pay attention to your hunger and thirst levels. You can survive with berries during this time, but you will be terrible hungry and thirsty. Try to hunt any pig / deer you see. Also keep any can and glass jar you find and fill them in any close water source (lake, river, pond) from time to time. You will need this! If you are close to the snow biome, you will be able to craft potable water with snow, so do this instead.

Your first horde defense tower

As I said, your aim now should be to build a 5×5 cobblestone tower. You will start by crafting the necessary flagstone blocks, and placing them in a 5×5 square in a flat location. I recommend doing this relatively close to your safe-house, so your trips back and forth are short. The streets are a good choice for this. This tower should NOT have any doors or window openings. Just a tower going up for 4-5 levels, so you stay out of reach from zombies in the ground. You  will be using the wood frames as scaffolding to build and go up the tower when needed. No ladder, no stairs!

Once you reached level 4 or 5 of the tower, use wooden frames to make a floor in the top. No need to upgrade them. You will be fine. Also add a “overhang” on the top level with the wood frames, extending one block, so you can stick out a bit from the border without falling. The frames will allow you to shoot through, so don’t upgrade them. The idea of this overhang is to be able to shoot arrows through it to kill the zombies that will be down on horde night.

Now, it’s time for you to craft and place 1-2 layers of spikes surrounding the tower. The big single spikes. You will need a lot of them, but they are helpful when the horde comes.

If you can, upgrade the flagstone walls to cobblestone and the spikes one or two more levels (you will need iron for that). This will require more resources, and will keep you busy for the first 7 days for sure.

Final Words

I hope this guide has been helpful for any new players. Is not an exhaustive list, but just a guide. It should help you survive your first couple of hordes. There are lots of things to do in this game, so this is just the bare minimum. Also this not the ONLY way to make it… if you have some other tip or trick you want to share, please let me know.

I’m currently publishing a let’s play with my adventures on 7 days to die, and the same one used to make the video version of this guide. You can check it up here.

Thanks a lot, and good luck surviving out there!

May 14, 2018

How to build a simple Mason Workshop and House – Stonehearth Codex #5

Today I continue the custom buildings for Stonehearth. This time I bring you guys a very simple house and workshop for the Mason of your town.

The house is really tiny and simple. I decided to go simple so the work with the roof is simplified. I had some problems in the past with the current builder and the roof. Many times the roof is not properly created automatically, and the only solution is to make the roof by hand, block by block.

This is ok and totally fine, but when you start playing, those manual roofs are not properly hidden when you change your views. This is not a problem for the hearthlings themselves, but for you if you want a clean view while playing.

So that’s why I want to start trying out simple designs, where the roof can be placed automatically by the builder. That assures me that the roof will properly be displayed and hidden in the different views while playing.

I leave you here with the video version, as usual with the fast forward sequence of me building it, and some description afterwards.

You can get the files to pay with this custom building on your own towns by joining my Discord server. Check out the #stonehearth channel 😉

I hope you found this building useful. If you want to get some more tips and custom building videos, check my other guides, where I publish some more tips and buildings.

See you soon, in the next entry for the Codex, or in the let’s plays of Stonehearth that you can check out in my YouTube channel. Bye bye guys!

May 4, 2018

How to Instabuild and Instamine – Stonehearth Codex #4

Hello everyone! This is a short guide on how to quickly instabuild and instamine, and can be very useful in some weird cases where buildings get stucked or part of your mine is now inaccessible.

How to Instabuild?

In the past I had some buildings that no matter if I have the items or not in my town inventory, it won’t get build. I do not like to cheat on my gameplays, but if you get into a situation where your building seems glitched, the instabuild can be your savior.

The trick is done using the game console, and can be done in a plain vanilla installation, you won’t need anything else or any custom mod. Let’s go to the steps:

  • Choose the building you want to instabuild. Do this by going into the construction menu, and make sure you see the building window, that shows the name of it and the materials it still needs.
  • Press CTRL + C. This will pop up the game console.
  • Type “ib” in the console and press [Enter]. Make sure the building stays selected, as the instabuild command works with the currently selected building.
  • And that should be all…

How to Instamine?

Instamining follows the same process:

  • Choose the mining order that you gave to your hearthlings, the section of the mine you want to instamine. You should see a popup window for the mine order, and also you should see the section of the mine selected in yellow.
  • Press CTRL + C. This will pop up the game console
  • Type “im” in the console and press [Enter]… and done!

Video Version

For the visual learners…

I hope you found this trick useful. If you want to get some more tips and custom building videos, check my other guides, where I publish some more tips and buildings.

See you soon, in the next entry for the Codex, or in the let’s plays of Stonehearth that you can check out in my YouTube channel.

Bye bye guys!

April 16, 2018

How to build a Tavern and Cook’s House – Stonehearth Codex #3

Hello everyone! In this new entry of The Survivemer’s Stonehearth Codex I’m sharing with you a custom building. A Tavern, integrated with a Kitchen for your cook, and also his or her room to live comfortably and really near the kitchen 😉

The Stonehearth Tavern

The Tavern has room for as many as 30 hearthlings seated, all distributed in tables for 4, and some tables for 2. I arranged it in a pretty standar way, but I think it looks nice. The furnishing is pretty standard, nothing too fancy. Simple tables, simple chairs.

The main level of the Tavern, it’s outside facing walls are all stone. I wanted to start using stone too in the buildings, and I liked the idea of having stone for the lower walls. On the first floor though, I used wood. The upper floor is using just a portion of the area of the Tavern and it contains mostly the Cook’s room, but it also has an indoor balcony, facing the lower level of the Tavern, with some tables too. I think this is a nice detail, and makes the Tavern looks cool. The different levels and the balcony make it look really nice in my opinion.

There’s a bar, to give the “tavern” look to the common room. Also, and another important room in the Tavern is the Kitchen itself. It’s already equipped with the cooks required tools.

You would notice that the tavern and kitchen have container boxes. Some small, and one large in the kitchen. My idea is to make the small crates to be used to store cooked food. The bigger one inside the kitchen can be kept only for raw resources that the cook can use to make the food.

Here you have a fast forward video, with a quick intro and some explanations afterwards the building is done.

If want want to play with it, just get the files from my Discord. You will find the Tavern in the #stonehearth channel there, ready to download. See this other Codex Entry if you need some help to install the custom building (also has a video explanation).

I hope you like the build. There’s still plenty of room to make your own tweaks to the Tavern, and you can even customize it in a different way. Let me know what you think or if you are making modifications ;).

See you soon, in the next entry for the Codex, or in the let’s plays of Stonehearth that you can check out in my YouTube channel. Bye bye guys!

April 8, 2018

How to build a starter’s warehouse – Stonehearth Codex #1

Stonehearth is an awesome game that mixes up several genres. City builder, colony management, and even RPG concepts for your hearthlings. It’s sort of Minecraft and Rimworld having a baby.

I’m loving this game so far. I’m around 30 hours in the game already and I decided to start The Survivemmer’s Stonehearth Codex. A humble collection of “how tos”, “tutorials”, and “let’s build” episodes where I will share with you some tips, strategies and custom buildings.

I’m not a great Stonehearth player, and I’m learning as I go. But I wanted to share my experiences with you guys anyways. I’m starting with the basics, so don’t expect huge castles or win fast strategies right now.

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December 27, 2017

Lucovich: The Christmas Subscriber

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas. For me was an awesome time to spend some more time with the family, and tasting some great dishes that are not common during the year.

This is post is to give a very special “Thank You” to Lucovich. He has been an awesome follower, and several times donor of The Survivemer channel. And now he has also subscribed in Twitch, which is huge! Thanks so much Lucovich, I really appreciate all your continuing support, and for this new way of being present.

Last but not least, I want to thank you all my small but faithful followers, donors and other subs. I love having you there and being part of the channel. thanks a lot, and have Happy Holidays!

November 5, 2017

New Concept Art for the channel

Hello guys,

I this opportunity I want to share some cool drawings from SandSong, long time follower on Twitch and YouTube. She worked on some draft sketches for the channel, that I think are awesome.

Axe and skull, concept Art (Author: SandSong)

Sword, helmet and shield, Concept Art (Author: SandSong)

I will definitely use these. For some time I’ve been thinking on contacting an artist to work on some new art and cartoons for the channel. Also to put together some sort of short intro video for my YouTube series and the start of the streams. I will definitely use these concepts, whenever that might be. I don’t have a fixed schedule for it, but it’s something that will happen sooner or later. Need to figure out who, when and how much first 😉 …

Thanks a lot to Sand Song for these concepts. I love them! To be honest this caught me off guard, in a really nice way. I always feel touched when someone sends something my way, being in the form of donations, subscriptions or gifts. This is also as big as that. SandSong put time, effort and her skills into these creations, and knowing this was inspired by The Surviemer, makes me feel awesome.

Thanks a lot again Sand Song!