About The Survivemer

I play video games LIVE on my Twitch channel and also publish let’s play series on YouTube. Most of my gameplay videos are focused on survival games, sandbox, crafting and strategy games.

Usually I play solo, but I also enjoy multiplayer games or MMOs, so you might find some of that too in my channels. If you want to have fun with me, just say so! You can also join my Discord server by clicking here: 

I’m an old gamer that discovered that I enjoy a lot more if I record and stream every gameplay. So if you are looking for some new adventures to watch on your favorite games, jump in! I hope you enjoy!

I’m a father of a baby girl, and she’s around most of my gaming sessions. You’ll likely hear her playing or screaming in the background, and maybe to her mother chasing her too!

I do this for fun and also to try to bring some enjoyment to others. While I don’t ask nor expect anyone to pay for watching my content, any donations or tips will be gratefully received and saved into the streaming fund to improve the channel.

So if you really want it, you can tip me by clicking here or the “Tip Jar” title. Tips are NOT refundable, you’ll be asked several times before confirming. Just be sure you really want to do it 😉


You can also support the channel by purchasing anything on Amazon.com! Just go to Amazon.com using my affiliate link and make your desired purchase as usual. Just that tiny thing will be a huge deal to support the channel, and I will be forever grateful ;).