November 19, 2017

New Factorio Gameplay Series… and The Factorio Codex

I’m starting a new gameplay / let´s play series in the channel with Factorio, an awesome game in which you build and maintain factories. The series will be called “Factorio Gameplay: From Young Padawan to Jedi Master!”. And that title gives you some clue that I´m planning to move forward and learn everything there is to learn in the game.

I´m really not sure how I’ve been away from a game like this one for so long. I guess I´m working too much lately! It´s time for some more fun, and this is my kind of game. I love to build, and I’ve been enjoying a lot strategy and simulation games recently. I´m loving this one so far.

Also this series is going to serve as a testing ground for an idea that has been floating in my mind for some time already. I want to complement the gameplay series with an index to the gameplay topics, events or situations that are worth mentioning in the game. And even, in some situations, a short “tip & tricks” or tutorial video. Sort of an “index” where you can go and have direct links to the episodes where a certain thing happened. In story driven games, this concept is perfect match for each quest. You can picture it like a quest index that gives you access to the specific episodes where the quest was taken care of, and this can spawn several videos.

The Survivemer´s Factorio Codex

And a title came to my mind… “The Survivemer’s Factorio Codex”. Obviously it sounds more grandiose than what it is currently, just an idea in the makings.


The Survivemer’s Factorio Codex


For a game like Factorio, a game Codex could have the form of a wiki, where the concepts of the game are the driving topics, instead of quests.

The Factorio Codex is not be intended to replace or compete with any Factorio Wiki out there, but rather complement it with my own experiences. I will try to point out to all the different game concepts in Factorio, providing a link to the episodes in my gameplay series where you can find that concept. I´m also thinking, as I already mentioned, in adding specific tutorial videos about the concepts I learn while playing.

Let´s just have fun, while slowly creating a Factorio Wiki

Obviously you shouldn’t take this Codex idea too seriously. I will be having fun, and chilling as I always like to do in my series. The Factorio Codex will just be a funny way to show you guys my personal experiences learning some of the game concepts and mechanics. Not the ultimate guide, not the best… just The Survivemer’s tales while going through the path of a young padawan, and luckily becoming a Factorio Jedi Master some time in the future.

Always full, your transport belts must be…

If you play Factorio or if you like simulation and building games, please pass by my YouTube channel and check the series out.

The Survivemer

Just and old guy that found out how much fun it is to play games while streaming and recording let´s play episodes.