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August 26, 2017

Valley: Another great gift!

I recently received another awesome gift from one of the most faithful followers I have. Lucovich, has purchased and gifted me through Steam the game called Valley, an awesome first person adventure experience. Keeping it short, you explore a huge valley in the Canadian mountains, uncovering the secret experiments of the military using a cool exoskeleton that has great powers. I’m not going to tell much more…

Thanks a lot Lucovich! I really appreciate this gift. But mostly I enjoy your company in the stream. Thanks a lot for your support.

And also thanks a lot to all my viewers, followers and subscribers! It’s great to play and hang out with you on stream. Love you all!

July 7, 2017

The best birthday gifts

Today, July 7th is my birthday. It happens to be on a day I don’t stream. But I was streaming yesterday, and while talking to some of you on stream, I mentioned it.

My wife sent me a message through Hangouts while streaming. This happens to be one of the few things that I might see on the computer screen while playing, so she already knows how to reach me, even when the cellphone is muted! She was asking which cake I wanted for my birthday… so while I was answering her text message, I was mentioning this to the viewers at the moment.

Thanks to all of you in the stream today extending your congrats on my birthday. I really appreciate it. But in addition to say thank you to all of you for yesterday’s stream, I also want to share two special gifts I got from two awesome followers.

A few days back Lucovich gifted me Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™, directly through Steam. Lucovich, you already know you have a special place in my heart for being the first viewer that donated to the channel. Your “real estate” keeps growing stream after stream that you come online. And now I need to really thank you again for this awesome present. Thanks so much!

An awesome gift from Lucovich: Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™

As you can see in the image above, this special edition was released originally 10 years ago, on the same day of my birthday! Nice coincidence!

The second very special gift, I received it yesterday during the stream. knfmkr74, a long time follower that I met while streaming The Long Dark, made a donation! Thanks a lot knfmkr! It’s very difficult to express in writing or with the proper words in stream how good it feels to receive this kind of support. It’s not about the economic value, but knowing that my stream is special enough for you to give a gift in acknowledgement. This was the moment:

And to all of my subscribers in YouTube and followers on Twitch, thanks a lot to come in every stream and watching the recorded episodes too. This hobby of mine has become so much more special having you there. Thanks a lot for your support. I love to see you coming in and hang around with me in the chat while we get some fun…

Also I’m really happy as from yesterday I passed the 50 followers mark. It seems this will allow me to apply for partnership with Twitch, so we’ll see how this works. Partner or not, I’m very happy and grateful to all of you that made possible for The Survivemer to grow little by little. Thanks a lot!

See you the next stream!

May 31, 2017

I received my first donation ever!

“You never know who could come in the stream” Lucovich said… And he is totally right.

I was playing Skyrim, really enjoying an easy Sunday afternoon and chilling in game, when Lucovich jumped into the stream. We chatted for some time, and he followed. A few minutes after, and all of the sudden, Whitney Houston starts singing “I will always love you”, my clip of choice for donations.

I couldn’t believed what was happening. It was a great feeling to receive the first donation, awesome indeed. And Lucovich didn’t stopped there, he helped me out a little more with 2 more donations after the first one… Amazing, three donations in one day, the first one ever. As I told him on the stream, he will always remain in a special place of my heart as being the first person ever to donate to The Survivemer.

And this made me add a new section to the Info panel on Twitch, the Hall of Fame, where every donor and subscriber of The Survivemer will be listed, honoring their support to the channel.

If you want to check the exact moments when this happened, I made a few clips of it from the Twitch archives:

Lucovich, thanks so much! I can’t express in words how much this means to me. Thanks a lot!

Lucovich is also a Twitch streamer, so please check out his channel and show him some love!

If you want to show your support as Lucovich did, check out my Tip Jar page and/or the Subscribers Plans page also. Although receiving this kind of support is really helpful and awesome, I will always love you all for following the channel and being there on Twitch and YouTube. Your support as viewers and presence in the streams is more than enough to fill my heart with happiness!

Thanks to all of you, the early followers of this humble gaming channel!