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November 5, 2017

New Concept Art for the channel

Hello guys,

I this opportunity I want to share some cool drawings from SandSong, long time follower on Twitch and YouTube. She worked on some draft sketches for the channel, that I think are awesome.

Axe and skull, concept Art (Author: SandSong)

Sword, helmet and shield, Concept Art (Author: SandSong)

I will definitely use these. For some time I’ve been thinking on contacting an artist to work on some new art and cartoons for the channel. Also to put together some sort of short intro video for my YouTube series and the start of the streams. I will definitely use these concepts, whenever that might be. I don’t have a fixed schedule for it, but it’s something that will happen sooner or later. Need to figure out who, when and how much first 😉 …

Thanks a lot to Sand Song for these concepts. I love them! To be honest this caught me off guard, in a really nice way. I always feel touched when someone sends something my way, being in the form of donations, subscriptions or gifts. This is also as big as that. SandSong put time, effort and her skills into these creations, and knowing this was inspired by The Surviemer, makes me feel awesome.

Thanks a lot again Sand Song!