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November 5, 2017

Alfa: The Survivemer’s first Subscriber on Twitch!

Hello everyone,

I’m incredibly excited to share with you today the very first Subscriber of The Survivemer on Twitch! Alfa (Alfabetet8, but I call him Alfa), one of my most faithful an long time followers, has subscribed yesterday on Twitch.

As you might already know, the subscription program on Twitch is a way to show your support for the content creators you like. The subscriber donates $5 monthly to their favorite channel.

I will be forever grateful for this, to Alfa specifically in this case, but also to all donors and subscribers, past, present and future. This has a huge meaning, completely superior to the monetary value. Knowing that some of you guys enjoy the channel and content I create, to the point of expressing your appreciation with a gift, donation or tip makes my heart fill with joy.

Thanks a lot to all of you for being there. Even though this is a tiny channel, you make me feel huge. I love you all!

And again, a special thanks to Alfa for this great honor! You’ll always be in the Hall of Fame of The Survivemer!